A living list of UX tasks

I asked myself about my current tasks, so I put this list together. I will update it from time to time. Anyway, I would love to hear some feedback. Define ☐ Discuss UX-RequirementsWhat is the goal of the initiative, the new service, product, or feature?(Involved roles: Stakeholders, Product Owner, Developers, Conversion Analysts, UI Designer) ☐Continue reading “A living list of UX tasks”

Scouting for accessible colors

Designers are looking for recognizable, distinguishable, and in the form of text legible colors for all of our users. The aim is for all users to perceive a page’s content, regardless of visual impairments, technical restrictions, and external influences. To achieve this goal, we want to look for a role model, a website that already uses accessible colors. A good starting point is to reach the WCAG requirements.

UX Research/Design for an Innovation Platform

Holistic Campaign Driven Innovation Platform The IdeaSpace is an Idea and Innovation management platform. The primary goal of the IdeaSpace is to gather ideas and to create a group-wide innovation community. For my master thesis, I was part of the IdeaSpace team. The main goal of my view was to develop a more holistic andContinue reading “UX Research/Design for an Innovation Platform”

Supply Chain Innovation

fig.1 The reiterative process of a supply chain Service Design … Has the goal to optimize and enhance a product, a service, or a process. User experience and internal processes are focused. Service Design can also be a strategic approach that requires a wide range of research methods. The goal is to find insights andContinue reading “Supply Chain Innovation”

Color Research and 3D-Modeling

The Nike Air Huarache is the inspiration for my sneaker design. Based on my found out color-trend, I adept colors, materials, and other elements to it. SNEAKER MODELING & TEXTURING FOCUS: COLOR & MATERIAL The Cosmic Color & Material sneaker is modeled and textured in Maxon Cinema 4d and rendered with the rendering plug-in “Redshift.”Continue reading “Color Research and 3D-Modeling”

3rd Living Space / Autonomous Mobility

A proposal for a future mobility concept of an autonomous driving space Our goal was to design an interior concept for an autonomous car, which should have the maximum size of a Volkswagen T6. Different groups of students worked on the project at the same time but with entirely different topics. Our topic was theContinue reading “3rd Living Space / Autonomous Mobility”

Experimental 3D-Printing

Adapting a digital feature to nature. For my bachelor thesis, I chose 3D printing as my technology in favor. The goal is to develop surfaces that can not be produced as one part with other manufacturing technologies. As inspiration, I use natural structures like annual rings. Therefore, I have developed objects which include a uniqueContinue reading “Experimental 3D-Printing”

Design Research / Future Materials

Sneakers are an innovative product that often serves as a model for future product developments. What materials are available that will allow us to change our design in the future? That was the question I asked myself for this project study. The context for this study was sneakers. Sneakers are representative of innovative product designContinue reading “Design Research / Future Materials”