About Me


Lukas Christian Kühne, Designer

I’m a designer with the particular focus on user experience and human-centered design. While bachelor studies I was focused on color & surface design something that is still one of my significant competencies. But for now I’m focused on Service and User Experience Design, and I’m confident that my experiences with color & surface and UX meet somewhere in between.
My way of design is always user-centered. And that’s why I’m sure that my full range of skills, knowledge, and competencies make me a valuable designer for every kind of projects.

I believe that with my methods, my empathy and my ability to visualize, I can change the world. I am sure that as human beings we have the power to take new and essential steps to make our environment better. By better, I mean better for people, better for our environment and better coexistence. That’s what I stand for with my design. For me, Design does not only involve designing a product or making something beautiful. Design means that it is possible to think and create processes.
I’m a designer because I’m sure we’re evolving as a society. Towards a world in which new values become essential. In which we will achieve progress that will see our way of life and work changed in the long run. As a Designer, I want to shape this world into a more human place.

I’m fascinated by technology. I like to explore new ways of working and communication, especially in digital experiences. Also, I enjoy to cook of Asian style food and hiking through nature. Exploring new things and places; thinking beyond how things used to be and creating new things are my daily mantra.



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