Color Research and 3D-Modeling


The Nike Air Huarache is the inspiration for my sneaker design. Based on my found out color-trend I adept colors, materials and other elements to it.


The Cosmic Color & Material sneaker is modeled and textured in Maxon Cinema 4d and rendered with the rendering plug-in “Redshift.” The origin of its form is the Nike Air Huarache, but I changed the form and added some elements to it to create a unique style. Instead of laces, it has buckles like inline skates have them which is the biggest adaption to the idea of a „cosmic look.“ The final colors & materials also follow the idea of a cosmic look. As mentioned, the colors are part of the „cosmic color concept“ project based on a trend scouting workshop.


The outcome is a trend mood board, which contains the mood of a kind of an “80‘s-ish future look” which combines nature with currently new materials. Also, a big contrast between general artistic impressions and fashion and architecture can be described.
Based on the displayed pictures six colors were defined. Out of the first defined six colors, a second color-range which reveals the final result of this color research has been determined. The color collection is named „cosmic colors.“


Mix Magazine Issue 49, S95; Nov 2017; Nov 2017
Vogue, S173; Dez 2017
AIT. S100; Nov 2017, Jung 2017; Nov 2017, Iverson shipwreck; Nov 2017

For a trend scouting workshop, we prepared three-thousand pictures out of current magazines and websites (fashion, architecture, design) and placed them on tables to explore and sort them. The outcome was trend mood boards.


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