3rd Living Space / Autonomous Mobility

A proposal for a future mobility concept of an autonomous driving space in cooperation with the Bosch AG.

Our goal was to design an interior concept for an autonomous car, which should have the maximum size of a Volkswagen T6. Different groups of students worked on the project at the same time but with entirely different topics. Our topic was the design of a business to business car which should be perfect for on-road working.


Straight from the beginning, we created a research wall where we gathered all our outcomes and scribbles. It helped us to gain an overview of our project progress. All team meetings happened there. I always saw my role as moderator and head of our group of designers.


Further, the development of an easy to create and to update the prototype helped us to understand the size and the functionality of our concept. Based on the prototype we were able to present our final proposal for an autonomous driving business space.


The whole concept was focused on the possible future users. For the development and design of the idea, we had to create a holistic approach which included different competencies from different fields of design. The various fields include the following skills: Color&Surface, Interior, UX&Service and Product Design.3rd_website_23

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